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Renewable BEV Fires & Fireplaces in Republic of Ireland

Here at Bioheat we have introduced Automatic Bioethanol Fires to Irish homes. Our fires require no chimneys as the bioethanol fuel we use does not emit damaging by products. This allows the modern home to have the benefits of a real fire without drawbacks such as dirty fuel, lost time preparing a fire, health and environmental issues.

Bio-ethanol is a clean Eco-friendly fuel classified as renewable

It is produced by the fermentation of vegetation matter rather than from fossil fuels such as gas or coal. Bio-ethanol fires are clean, have no fumes or smoke and produce zero levels of carbon monoxide! Not only is this good for the environment it protects your family from the hugely damaging health effects of fossil fuel particulate emissions in the home.

When we started the business our goal was clear to give a sustainable, healthy alternative to fossil fuel burning fires. The modern family has changed as has the modern house. At Planika we understand this. Building a real fire in a beautiful setting whether it be under the TV or as a room divider is our specialty and we consult on all aspects of design and installation to ensure you get the beautiful hassle free feature you deserve.

Looking forward to working with you and creating your dream home – Fintan & Jonathan.

living room in newly constructed luxury home