Frequently Asked Questions

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What is bio-ethanol fuel?

Bio-ethanol is a plant based, certified bio renewable alcohol liquid. It is produced from the fermentation of sugars or molasses, from agricultural crops such as sugarcane, potatoes and also wheat.

Why use our Fanole bio-ethanol as a fuel?

Our Fanola ethanol burns cleanly, giving off mainly water vapour and carbon dioxide. These are produced in safe quantities and the CO2 given off is comparable with the amount produced while breathing normally. However some cheaper synthetic fuels will leave residue on your device and damage it.

Also cheaper versions may use substandard denaturants resulting in strong unpleasant odours. With Fanola you are guaranteed no such problems.

Why choose Bioheat?

Where do we start, official Irish distributor,trusted manufacturer partner, network of stores and crucially good after sales service and installation guidance. Buy from whom you can trust. Did I mention no customs on import, no international shipping costs of €300 or more. Also we supply the fuel in Ireland to our customers which saves you major headaches going forward.

Why are Bio-ethanol Fires with BEV technology expensive?

These are fully automated machines with multiple safety sensors, patented BEV technology which ensures maximum safety in automatic refill and BEV – technology. This means fire never has access to the fuel tax directly, just a slow stream of cold fuel fed to the vapour tank.

In contrast with manual fires you are pouring messy flammable fuel by hand, spilling this, in your home. We do recommend using these devices in the home. The flame can be splotchy with eruptions of fire, bad emissions and poor fuel economy and heat return. With our Planika fully automatic fires you get a consistent high quality flame from a controlled combustion process. As it is fully automatic you can turn up and down heat on demand by remote safe in the knowledge you have a device with cutting edge safety and performance level.

What is the best way to store bio-ethanol fuel?

Keep tightly sealed in a cool, well ventilated area. Do not expose to direct sunlight or source of ignition. Do not store beside radiators or heaters.

Do I need a chimney?

As there is no carbon monoxide produced no chimney needed.

Can I have in modern spec house with good insulation?

Yes. Once the room cubature is sufficient and air exchange is present you can. Air exchange threshold in modern houses is often met by MHRS or large rooms. Please email fintan@bioheat.ie for more info on this topic

Who can install these fires?

Normally your builder will when constructing the structure, although handy men and DIY homeowners do also. We provide the guidance for you.

Are they expensive to install?

No, compared to gas or wood the cost is very low. No flue system, no stove/gas installers, with Forma no expensive fire rating, and no RGI certifier. Please email fintan@bioheat.ie for more info on this topic

Can I have under TV?

Yes we provide guidance for this install.