Ethanol Burners & Bio-ethanol Insert Fireplaces

Bio Fireplaces: Ethanol Burners & Bio-ethanol Insert Fireplaces

Bioheat Ireland’s bioethanol insert fireplaces are advanced fireplaces with flames that can be open from all sides. The simple, yet elegant design of the inserts gives you great freedom in decorating your home or business.

Easy to install, our bio-ethanol fireplaces can be arranged as stand-alone pieces of furniture, without any contact with the wall and are often seen as room dividers in hotels, restaurants, and homes. Beauty and simplicity at the same time.

An insert fireplace is a great solution if you want a more environmentally friendly fire in your home without any of the hassle of a traditional fire or stove. Build it into a wall or let it speak for itself a standalone piece of furniture. Let your imagination run free and create a modern and unique home that uses safe technology to bring warmth to your rooms.

Our patented BEV™ technology underpins our bio-ethanol insert fireplaces ensuring that when you shop with us, you only get the best.

FLA 3 at Salone del Mobile 2018, Distributor Flou, Photo by Sergiy Kadulin_