Small Bioethanol Fires

Smaller Bioethanol Fireplaces: Plug & Play and easy to install

Our smaller Bioethanol Fires allow you to be creative with your solution. Flexible & stylish there is one to suit every space . Enjoy real flames with 2.5KW heat but with none of the difficult installation that can come with traditional fires and stoves.

Our Bubble Fire is an out of the box solution, Fire & Fireplace all in one. The Senso burner allows you to place the fire on the hearth and enjoy immediately. As with all of our bioethanol fires, automatic refuel comes as standard.

All come with handy remote control so that you can reduce the heat when required. Fuel economy is excellent with our smaller Senso Fires.

Bioheat’s bioethanol fires are extremely cost efficient when compared with traditional options such as coal or gas installations.

You will not need a chimney or any other hard connection. Bioheat’s freestanding bioethanol fireplace gives your rooms the warm glow of a traditional fireplace without the hassle.

Bubble_Wall&Floor_Arrangement Close Up