All You Need to Know About Operating a Bioethanol Fireplace

All You Need to Know About Operating a Bioethanol Fireplace

Whether you moved into a new home and have a bioethanol fireplace you have no idea how to control, or you are researching innovative heating appliances for your home, knowing how to properly and safely work your fireplace is important. Bioheat Ireland tells you all the important factors of operating a bioethanol fireplace.

Pouring Fuel into A Bioethanol Fireplace

The fuel is poured using a specific pump, where one end of it is connected to an inlet in the bioethanol fireplace, and the other is placed inside the bioethanol bottle. The pump is pressed and held down until the amount of fuel in the tank reaches the highest level. This is a quick and easy method of refuelling, ensuring that there is no spillage of the fuel.

Lighting a Bioethanol Fireplace

Once the fireplace is filled with fuel, you can safely light an automatic fireplace. Depending on the fireplace you have, this can be done with either a remote control, an application on your phone, or a control panel on the fireplace. A fireplace with BEV (Burning Ethanol Vapours) automatically refills and lights a fireplace so you can heat your home without worry.

However, if you have a manual fireplace, you’ll need to use a lighter or matches and light the fire by directly aiming it at the liquid ethanol. Be sure to do this with extra caution!

Comparing Safety Between Automatic and Manual Bioethanol Fireplaces

Automatic bioethanol fireplaces with BEV technology are safe as you don’t have to worry about filling the appliance with fuel and lighting it manually. An internal processor controls the combustion that occurs, and built-in safety sensors will maintain the fuel level, and the temperature, and will shut down the fireplace if something is unbalanced.

A manual bioethanol fireplace, on the other hand, can have greater risk and danger. The flame is created on the surface of the fuel, leading to the boiling of the liquid. This can result in splotchy flames through eruptions of fire which can be potentially dangerous. When you refuel a manual fireplace, make sure you wait for it to cool completely to ensure there is no longer a smouldering fire.

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