Are Bioethanol Fireplaces Net Zero?

Are Bioethanol Fireplaces Net Zero?

How can our modern homes enjoy the warmth and comfort of a real Fire with the beauty of real flickering flames? Is the time of the traditional fire now past?

Zero Emission Automatic Real Fires – Intelligent Fire utilizing renewable bio-ethanol fuel

Many homes are now built without a chimney, for example in Ireland regulations in various counties now forbid chimneys. Practically, it makes little sense to build houses to the highest insulation specification and then leave a chimney sized hole in the roof.
Added to this environmental concerns and increasingly of late, laws are forcing solid fuels and gas to the margins as climate action is no longer just a discussion for the future.
So it would seem the real Fire is on the way out? However recent technology such as Planika’s BEV system now provides us with stunning automatic home Fires utilizing bio-ethanol fuel. This is made from waste agricultural produce which produces no carbon monoxide when used. As such, no chimney is required and as these fires are also automatic, the flames and heat can be controlled at the touch of a button with the additional benefit of no cleaning or preparing the Fire.

How our Planika Fires operate

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