Bioethanol: A Renewable Alternative to Solid Fuel

Bioethanol: A Renewable Alternative to Solid Fuel

Bioethanol is a proven renewable alternative to solid fuel burning home heating.

There is so much information flying around at the moment regarding home heating emissions it can be difficult to know which bit to grab without getting a PHD first.

Complicated chemical symbols, flue systems/chimneys(or not), air exchange, where you are located-where to start with it all??

Firstly Don’t Panic. Alternatives are coming & good ones,  &  No – no ones coming banging on your door just yet.

What to do?

So practically where do you start you ask? The answer of course is fuel. You wouldn’t put petrol in a diesel car so basically put the right fuel in your stove. Use Kiln dried wood. If you are using high moisture laden wood this will coat the inside of stove and chimney which will corrode your stove and chimney hasten the demise of your stove and drag down the performance of the system.

Environmentally the emissions from ‘wet wood’ are much higher so cut this out to start with. Similarly with smokey coal the smoke is clearly a bad idea for air quality. An overlooked point in this is often the health of you and your family. It is not some far away idea of damage to the environment only. The particulate matter released into your house from open fire or open door of stove is having a very bad effect on the health of occupants particularly respiratory health and various EPA reports have attested to this.

So now you are burning better fuel and you have some time to think. Ask yourself is your stove reaching the new 2022 standards. If it is a quality make such as Scandinavian or high end European stove and built relatively recently then it quite possibly is but do check.

Options are available:

If not and you believe it is time to upgrade then you have other options. You can buy a high end stove and get your chimney religned and continue to manage emissions or you can go with an automatic bioethanol Fire which gives you heat, flames and no harmful emissions at the touch of a button. No carbon monoxide, close up your chimney, and crucially no more dirty solid fuel and cleaning up.

We all need to reduce our emissions. For the time being it is up to us to make this happen. But cheaper high polluting fuel options will be banned or levied out of use very soon. Political momentum has shifted due to the obvious playout of climate change of late. Regulations will force us to use better stoves or as in many European countries particular areas are now bioethanol only zones.

So take some time and a clear head and decide which type of fuel you want creating the heat in your home over the next 10 years and beyond.