Bioethanol Fires & Fireplaces: Irish Buyers Guide 2022

Bioethanol Fires & Fireplaces: Irish Buyers Guide 2022

Increasingly popular as no chimney is required. In the last 5 years Bioethanol Fires have been steadily moving up the menu of options for Irish consumers when changing their fire or building their new home. There are many advantages over fossil fuel fires which require expensive complicated flue systems and months of planning.

Suitability to your lifestyle & convenience

We are now modern families. Drawing in coal and wood, setting up fires, cleaning up and cleaning out fires in our time pressed lives results in one thing. Many times when we think about a nice fire we will decide not to as it is too much work to do it.

So out lives have changed and we need to adapt. An automatic bioethanol fire comes on/off at the touch of a button and the heat can be controlled. It can be used many times a day for short and long periods. So this convenience suits the usage pattern of our modern families.

Automatic vs Manual

Be careful of cheap manual bioethanol fires. They simply burn of the top of a box of liquid fuel and can cause many safety issues. Fully Automatic Bioethanol Fires are now available in Ireland( These are fully certified automated by processor so include safety sensors, automatic refill system, consistent high quality flame, and a handy remote control which allows you to control the heat.


Check! Fully automated fires guarantee flame quality and heat level. Various models produce between 2.5Kw and 7 Kw and heat level can be reduced also.


Installing an Automatic Bioethanol will cost less than supply and install of a flue system fire. This is because with fossil  fuel fires materials, planning, RGI/Stove installers will often cost you as much the actual fire to install. There Is No Flue System with an automatic bioethanol fire! In most cases your builder will install in a morning with the dimensions we provide him. Of course we have many free standing models also.

So you may pay a similar price to a gas/wood fire of the same size for the Bioethanol Fire but your costs quickly stop thereafter. Bioheat have now released a collection of smaller Fires which provide all the same qualities but will make these fires accessible to a broader range of customers.

Look & Style

Beautiful Traditional style fires are available, and also freestanding units. It is our Linear Fire units that we are renowned with architects for. The Linear Fire under the TV, the open sided units, room dividers. in fact this is the initial feature that draws people to this option.

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So now you know the key considerations. Its clear that Automatic Bioethanol Fire stack up very favourably against the old fossil fuel war horses. Protecting the environment and your family’s health by eliminating carbon monoxide and particulate matter emissions is another bonus of a renewable fuel fire.

What is your next step?  If you have plans, or a sketch or just a query get in touch with Fintan at Planika for more information.