How difficult is it to place a TV over a fireplace?

How difficult is it to place a TV over a fireplace?

Is it a good idea to place a TV over a fireplace? If so, we have a perfect solution. Having a fireplace at home was a privilege some time ago, but thankfully this has changed and now everyone, almost everywhere can own one. People usually feel best in the comfort of their own house and the most important thing is to create atmosphere that brings coziness and relaxation while we are home.

For a long time only those who owned a traditional fireplace had the possibility to enjoy it. Unfortunately, owning this type of a fireplace is associated with certain discomforts, such as ash, necessity to clean it up regularly or even painting the walls as the residue slowly covers it up.

We took all of this under careful consideration and we created modern fireplaces that do not need any of the above. Safety and comfort of the user are our main priorities while designing new pieces. On top of that we also understand how important it is to allow our clients to choose how they like their fireplaces to be arranged in their homes.

Some time ago a new trend appeared- mounting a TV above the fireplace. We managed to create solutions that allow our customers to arrange their interiors as they like, and placing a fireplace underneath the TV was never so easy. In fact, it was unimaginable in the past.

TV sets are the central point of living room, usually located in front of the sofa, so we can relax while watching our favourite programme or a game. Our clients wanted to make this experience even more enjoyable and requested to have the fireplace right underneath! Quite often we just want to sit back and watch yellow, dancing fire flames from the comfort of the sofa or during a social meeting. In smaller, confided spaces usually there is no space to separate these two, and it was an issue in the past to propose a good solution.

Ethanol fireplaces are carefully monitored for safety reasons and we managed to create a procedure allowing the placement of a TV above it. We are able to advise how this should be done without any risk. Each case is different and we take many factors into account. Our BEV technology (Burning Ethanol Vapours) allows the full control of excised vapours, and the heat output depends on the height of the flame – and we can freely vary this between level 1-6 in our FLA or level 1-2 in Push Button collection.

We have adjusted our requirements so that they were safe for burning at the highest flame and maximum heat output, so the clients can choose the height to their preference.
Additionally, we have a MTZ sensor – an external temperature sensor that can force the fire to halve if the temperature in the place where the fireplace is installed reaches the limit.
In terms of the design, placing a TV above a fireplace creates distinguished, sharp look, that defines the interiors in a way previously not possible. While choosing this option our clients receive all necessary help from our project department- for instance, on the distance between a fireplace and a TV, so there is no risk of overheating.

So, once almost unimaginable, now it became our daily reality. We listen to our clients’ needs and we put their wishes first while creating new solutions.