How to Know if an Ethanol Fireplace is the Best Choice for You

How to Know if an Ethanol Fireplace is the Best Choice for You

Ethanol fireplaces are an innovative technology that offers a great source of heating. However, before purchasing one, it’s important to look at the overall benefits of this fireplace for you. Here our staff at Bioheat Ireland provides you with a guide that will help you decide if purchasing an ethanol fireplace is worth it.

Why Should I Buy a Bioethanol Fireplace?


  • Heat – fireplaces that are powered by bioethanol offer a good source of heating and have lower emissions. This type of fireplace is worth considering if you want a decent change in temperature.


  • Environmentally-Friendly – as bioethanol is renewable energy, ethanol fireplaces are eco-friendly and great if you want to reduce your overall carbon footprint.


  • Ambiance – bioethanol fireplaces create a great atmosphere and ambiance. If you’re going for a modern look, these are the perfect choice as they offer a sleek and contemporary look, without the hassle of fuel lines, chimneys, or other attachments that come with more traditional heating systems.


How Convenient is an Ethanol Fireplace?

This type of fireplace is much more convenient compared to wood-burning ones. A bioethanol fireplace simply needs to manually be refilled with a liquid biofuel every so often. Compared to other alternatives, this can save a ton on installation and maintenance costs, providing a great return on your investment.


Will I Use it Often?

Ethanol fireplace fuel is slightly more expensive than alternative energy sources, such as natural gas. But on the bright side, the costs for installation and maintenance are non-existent, meaning you will still save a fair amount of money. There are no additional costs involved in installing or preparing a bioethanol fireplace. Bioethanol fireplaces are also more efficient as there is no chimney or vent where heat could escape. This way, you’re only heating indoor space.

Based on all the money you’ll be saving on installation and maintenance costs, and the efficiency it provides, it’s one of the most economical options out there.


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