The Benefits of Having an Ethanol Fireplace in Your Home?

Heating a home or an outdoor space while giving it the style you want is one of the many benefits of using ethanol fireplaces. Ethanol fires burn clean, using little or no smoke while producing fire and heat.

If you’re wondering more about ethanol fireplaces here are some of the things you should know.

Factors Influencing Heat Output for an Ethanol Fireplace

The three main things that will influence the amount of heat an ethanol fireplace produces are the length of the fire line, the type of model, and the flame level.

The length of the fire line is the most important factor in how much heat an ethanol fireplace will produce. The closer the artificial wood is to the heat source; the more heat will be generated. A model with a longer fire line will generate more heat than one with a shorter fire line.

The type of burner also plays a role in how much heat an ethanol fireplace will produce. The more efficient the burner, the more heat it will generate.

The flame level is also important. Too low of a flame level will not generate enough heat and will not produce the style of fireplace you are looking for. Too high of a flame level will produce more heat but might cost more if left running for a long time.

Heat Outputs for Ethanol Fireplaces

Any freestanding ethanol fireplace can produce between 2.5 kW and 7kW. The best part about them is that once you unpack them, you can begin to use them. Manual fires give little heat as they use a wick system which is uncontrolled. However, automatic bioethanol fires provide touch-button control of your fire, meaning you can have a fire for aesthetic effect with lower heat. You also have free reign when it comes to location choice as well, with no installation required. Want to move your fireplace when you change the layout of your living room or outdoor seating area? Just pick it up and move it where you want.

The burner can reach up to 2.5 metres, with heat outputs ranging anywhere from 2.5 kW up to 22kW if you opt for Planika’s longest model, FLA3 2490. Fireplace inserts will determine the heat output, with the length contributing a large factor to the overall heat.

The height of the fire, another important factor, can be changed by using a remote control, or a mobile app. It works by giving a command to the microprocessor to relay a command to produce fewer vapours. This causes flames to be reduced, fuel consumption to lower, and heat emission to lower. If you want to turn the heat output up again, just raise the flames again using the same method.

Heat Efficiency for a Bioethanol Fireplace

Compared to wood and gas-burning fireplaces which have lower heat efficiencies, ethanol fireplaces are 100% thermally efficient. Since no chimney is needed, all the heat remains in the room or space in which you place it.

Get Your Questions Answered and Buy Your Ethanol Fireplace with Bioheat

Are you looking for a fireplace that will give you the style you want, with little or no smoke, while also producing great heat? Look no further than an ethanol fireplace. Bioheat has a wide selection of freestanding ethanol fireplaces that will fit any need.

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