Fire Line Automatic 3

An Endless Line of Fire

Bring warmth to your room with a Fire Line Automatic 3, the Highest spec automatic Fire in our range of bioethanol fires. A bioethanol fire that combines the stylish beauty of a traditional fireplace with the fresh approach of modern innovation. The flame can be as long as you want. Insert this long flame into a cabinet base, a counter top, or recess in an opening in your wall to give you the perfect open fire look with none of the messy smoke, chimneys or cleaning out ashes.

Price available upon request, cost is based on length.

All sizes fires can be supplied with 0ptional Forma pre Insulated Casing.


This ethanol fire combines the patented BEV (burning ethanol vapour) technology with  7 microprocessor controlled safety sensors. It auto refuels maintaining a consistent heat and flame. The handy remote control device allows you to adjust between the 6 flame and heat settings so you can have a roaring fire in winter or an attractive backdrop in summer.