L Fire insert Bioethanol Burner

The L Fire Burner unit model from Planika is a traditional effect flame covering the base of the fire unit. It gets its name from the shape of the fire lines. Like all our fires, it is automatic. Our patented burning ethanol vapour technology provides up to 4.5KW of consistent heat and flame. This warm fire can be adjusted with 2 different flame height settings. All the flame, heat and beauty of a real home fire without the cost of a chimney.

Optional Casing/ Frame/ Mesh.

Why shop Bioheat – our Offering as your Irish Planika Distributor

Shopping with Bioheat & our Local Experts;

  • Local technical support from local expert which is important with technical products
  • Customs fees are included in our price.
  • No expensive international shipping fees (saves €300)
  • 4 x 5litre drums Fanola Bioethanol(Premium) fuel Free of Charge. Note this is the manufacturers own fuel. We are Irish distributors and supply at 50% discount to our customers. We retail Fanola in our shops and by post. It is only available as a costly import from other suppliers.
  • Poor quality substitutes carry a heavy odour or harmful synthethic versions which damage the machine
  • We stock these products and they are in stock.
  • Establish an ongoing relationship with your Planika Irish distributor

Intelligent Fire

This fire unit can go in a variety of areas in your home including into an opening in your wall, a constructed false chimney or into a cabinet running along a wall with no overhang. You do not need a chimney so you can be creative with where you put this fire. No chimney means to heat loss. This fire ensures your rooms are warm and cozy.

Our remote control option means you can change the heat settings from the comfort of your couch.