Rondo Indoor Automatic Table Insert Fire

Rondo Bioethanol Fireplace

Complete your room with an elegant round automatic fire, either as an insert in a room divider structure or as a table top/counter insert.

Contemporary artful design – a fire with simple installation. Fully automatic, Real fire and real flames. No flue needed, no redecorating room or costly refurbishments. Just take it out of the box, fuel it with bioethanol liquid in under a minute with automatic pump and switch it on with handy remote control. 2 heat levels.

Rondo Fire is a bioethanol fireplace from Planika’s Automatic Fires line. This round fire pit is a new concept of a freestanding fireplace, going above the traditional vision of an indoor fire. Aside from its eye-catching design it is fully automatic meaning you can control the heat level with a handy remote control.

As there is O% carbon monoxide no chimney is required. Automatic refuel system – clean tidy refuelling.

Why shop Bioheat – our Offering as your Irish Planika Distributor

Shopping with Bioheat & our Local Experts;

Local technical support from local expert which is important with technical products
Customs fees are included in our price.
Our price includes VAT 23%
No expensive international shipping fees (saves €300)
4 x 5litre drums Fanola Bioethanol(Premium) fuel Free of Charge. Note this is the manufacturers own fuel. We are Irish distributors and supply at 50% discount to our customers. We retail Fanola in our shops and by post. It is only available as a costly import from other suppliers.
Poor quality substitutes carry a heavy odour or harmful synthethic versions which damage the machine
We stock these products and they are in stock.
Establish an ongoing relationship with your Planika Irish distributor

Features and Specifications

The high quality of used materials and a protective layer increase the durability of the bioethanol fireplace, leaving the product pleasing to the eye for years.

Automatic refuelling pump
In order to eliminate the possibility of a human error, we’ve created an automatic refuelling pump. With the fuel level sensor, filling the tank is easy and safe.
To make sure our products don’t contribute to an excessive increase of fossil fuels to the environment, we decided to base our bioethanol fireplaces on a Net Zero Technology. The Fanola bioethanol fuel is obtained from seasonal plants, in Europe, these are mostly wheat, beetroots, and potatoes. The process of burning ethanol fuel only generates heat, water vapour, and a decreased amount of carbon dioxide. This amount of CO2 is equal to the amount of carbon dioxide which can be absorbed by the mentioned plants, due to the intensified growth process.

– Remote Control
– Wi-fi
– Automatic Refill
– BEV safety system
– 6 Flame/heat levels
– Smart Home Play System
– Max 3.1 KW

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